March 2019 Pictorial

International Woman’s day 8th March 2019

International Women’s Day was held at Club Sapphire and hosted by The Rotary Club Merimbula.

The function was attended by Pambula-Merimbula CWA members:

Laraine Clarke, Jan Humphreys, Elizabeth Prosser, Marjorie
MacKnight and Alison Jenkins.

Group Cookery and Handicraft day was held at
Bermagui Country Club March 12th 2019.

In the cookery section we were, for the first time, awarded  2 firsts and are now off to the State
Conference in May.

Laraine Clarke achieved first with her Petticoat Tails Shortbread.
Marjorie MacKnight achieved  first with her chocolate “Donna Latter Cake”
Alison and Elizabeth both achieved  3rd places.

This was a great accomplishment  for Pambula-Merimbula Branch.

Laraine Clarke’s Petticoat Shortbread
Marjorie MacKnight’s ‘Donna Latter Cake’
Joy Aitken, the branch Cookery Officer, with the prize winners. Marjorie MacKnight, Alison Jenkins, Laraine Clarke and Elizabeth Prosser.

March Meeting.

Elizabeth, Jan & Pam, Birthday ladies for March.




Guest Speaker Jodie Stewart from Youth Frontier program of YWCA



Another guest speaker on the day was Cili from Kairos Outside. She spoke about issues having a relative or friend in Prison and showed us a video.