About Us

The CWA works for the welfare of all women, their families and the community in the city and country through representation to all levels of government, and with fund-raising events and the sharing of life skills.

With a New South Wales membership of over 8,000 and 400 branches we are the largest women’s organization in the country. For further information, visit the The Country Women’s Association of N.S.W.

Branch meetings are held at our hall in Pambula on the third Friday morning of each month. These meetings include a short meeting and a discussion with a guest speaker or a workshop.

Where we came from

The CWA was formed out of desperate need. Country women were fighting isolation, an appalling lack of health facilities and the constraints of a male dominated society.

The association was built by women who had to watch helplessly as their children died from minor illnesses. These women realized they had nowhere to turn but to themselves. The result was staggering. Within a year, the association was a unified, resourceful group, going from strength to strength.

Members worked tirelessly to set up baby health care centres, fund bush nurses, build and staff maternity wards, hospitals, schools, rest homes, and seaside and mountain holiday cottages. At the same time they continued to run homes in which they were often mothers, nurse, teacher and general hand.

The women of the CWA, while believing deeply in their role within the family, have been initiators, fighters and lobbyists. They have made localities into communities providing social activities, and , educational, recreational and medical facilities.

The aim of the CWA is still to work towards improving conditions for country women and children. No other organization exists for this purpose.


Membership is open to all women, the cost for this financial year October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021 is $55.00, discounted if you join up after March 31. Members must belong to a branch.

To find out more about our local branch, phone Mrs Marjorie MacKnight, Secretary, on 0429 204 467 or email mmacknight@bigpond.com