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CWA Pambula-Merimbula


Our Branch President’s message

To Members and Friends,

This winter has been a bit strange – mild sunny days, cold nights and very little rain. We live in a beautiful part of the country. Why do people go north for the winter?

For a few months I have been out of action due to a hip replacement operation. All is going well. I am very grateful for all the help given through community services after one comes out of hospital.

C.W.A. have participated in some worthwhile activities lately, such as Multicultural Day (Oh those Japanese Taiko Drummers!), our branch International Day featuring Papua New Guinea and a visit to Potoroo Palace where I was pushed around in a wheelchair to view the sleepy koalas. The only way for a President to travel!

Coming up soon as the Music and Drama concert and we are performing an item sure to create some hilarity. It is good to be out and about doing things.

Elizabeth Prosser 

President Pambula-Merimbula Branch of C.W.A. of NSW